Sunday, November 26, 2006

Book Review: La Dolce Vegan

I chose this to be my first vegan cookbook. Why? Well, my local bookstore didn't have the others in stock, but this one has a few things that i know i'm going to like.

I've heard some really great reviews about this book, and some rather scathing ones, and i have to admit, i can see both sides of the story.
While there are a number of "glorified stir-fries", there are also a few recipes that i wouldn't have even thought to try.

Aesthetically speaking, i can't stand a cookbook without pictures of the food. Even a few are enough to get my eyes hungry and get inspired about the dishes. The only pictures here are either wannabe pin-up shots or overly excited head shots with friends. Unimpressive to say the least.

However, i have a few things tagged that look good, and we'll see if la Dolce Vegan is livin' good.

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